The Artists

Susan and Sky are extremely excited to present Wild Star!
Together, their passions combine to infuse a modern
edge with an old-world charm into their jewelry. Through
silver, gems, and leather, Susan and Sky carefully
handcraft stunning pieces of art for you to wear.

The name Wild Star was brought forth by Sky Phoenix, after
the name of one of his own songs he had written and
recorded. The music and name combined inspired the ideas
and inception of the jewelry line. It has become the rhythm to
the heart of Wild Star.

Both artists bring their years of experience into this line. A
combination of high fashion and rocker-chic with a touch of
medieval flare, these two designers make a perfect match.
Their styles meld to create pieces that will become more
than just jewelry but treasured works of art.



Wild Star

Through high seas and sunlit shores,
O’er hills and dew-kissed moors,
A star arises, wild and true,
Bringing the creation of something new.

Upon a coin a friendship was struck
Two souls joined forever by luck.
A journey began through time long gone
Discovering the magic of a new dawn.

With shining silver and gem of stone,
A treasure made for one to own.
Symbols for the power within
An adventure waiting to begin.

The four directions pull you forth,
South, East, West and North.
To thy fortunes that lie before
A secret passage to explore.

by D. Miller