Bling! Pow! Twang!

Rockin’ Your World!


Hand Crafted Jewelry

by Susan Rind and Sky Phoenix

“Old world charm is making a resurgence in the jewelry that we are wearing and what could have more charm than a Piece of 8 and the romance of a pirate coin. In our quest to find pieces that are not only original, but to inspire us, to resonate our own positive energy, who could be better than Susan Rind and Sky Phoenix Shanna to offer up the balance. Inspired by her own original piece of 8, Susan was captivated by the mystery of it. In the spirit of the old world coins Sky has used the same technique to create the Wild Star coin. Each piece has been hand struck in .999 silver,each piece is unique, no two will ever be the same and every gem stone will be of the highest quality. Find your inner Wild Star!”

– Karlene Moore